Nordic Koivu
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  • For a healthy life

    Nordic Koivu birch sap has a positive effect on your body. You can have a glass of natural vitality any time and it is suitable for people of all ages. Nordic Koivu birch sap has the fresh and light taste of spring.

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  • Nordic Quality

    The Nordic countries have a long tradition of using birch sap to enhance health and wellness. Nordic Koivu is a certified organic product, 100% Finnish, natural and free of any additives orpreservatives.

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  • Nature's own recipe

    Nordic Koivu birch sap is nature's own recipe for enhancing and restoring your vitality; it is a refreshing drink not just for quenching your thirst but for fitness, weight control, well-being and digestion. It is for people who want to make healthy choices.

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  • Start the day with a glass of sap. A glass of birch sap is a gentle way to wake your body up to the new day.

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  • Birch sap is a great beverage to accompany dinner: the tasty sap is a healthy alternative for wine, beer, soft drinks, or syrupy juices.

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  • Birch sap makes an excellent snack in the middle of a work day. The refreshing sap invigorates you. It helps accelerate your metabolism and brain functions.

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Nordic Koivu