Natural boost from the Finnish forests

About us

Nordic Koivu Ltd produces high-quality birch water that is available all year round. The company was founded in 1996. The operations and product development take place in Tohmajärvi, Finland.

Production and product

Nordic Koivu produces millions of liters of 100% organic birch water yearly. The company is devoted to functional production processes to provide sap year-round in large quantities. The birch water is traceable, and in many ways, beneficial.

Nordic Koivu's birch water is a natural product without additives or preservatives. It is sold as a ready-to-use consumer product and as an ingredient for the industry, especially in the beverage and beauty sectors. For industrial use, Nordic Koivu offers different sizes of liquid packaging.



Nordic Koivu employs six people all year round and five during the production season.


Nordic Koivu is Finnish-owned company. In 2020, a minority shareholder was acquired by Windseeker of Hong Kong, part of the large Chinese YST Group. The group is a long-term customer of Nordic Koivu and uses Finnish birch sap as the raw material for its cosmetic products. The purpose of the acquisition was to enable the continued supply of the finest Finnish sap.

People from the north have used birch water to enhance health, wellness, and beauty for a long time. Still every year, for only three weeks in spring, the birch trees ground themselves into the bowels of the ancient water source and absorb water, enriching it with their miracle ingredient. These little drops are fresh, nourishing, and almost straight from the fountain of youth.