Natural boost from the Finnish forests

Made in Finland

Nordic Koivu's roots lie deep in the North, precisely in Finland. You might already know little about our beautiful land. Perhaps polar nights, the Aurora Borealis, or nightless nights in summertime? Or Santa Claus and his reindeer?

In Finland, nature is a fundamental part of life. Forests have been a source of income throughout history. Woods and thousands of lakes are a massive source of recreation and wellbeing and a treasure chest of food, natural health, and medicine.

Balance to busy modern life

Skiing, hiking, or picking berries and mushrooms – these and many more activities contribute to our well-being and recovery. Nature is a basis of life and self-sufficiency, not just a stunning setting. Perhaps also a reason for Finns’ happiness that has been recognized worldwide. We appreciate our deep-rooted connection with nature.

The traditions that define us

Through generations, we’ve cherished rituals like the sauna. Regularly, we relax and bathe in the way nature means. Gentle heat and steam provide the perfect setting for relaxation and togetherness. We enjoy the tranquility or have a deep discussion; however, the sauna is usually a shared experience. When fresh-up is needed, some take a dip into the cold lake. It’s common to pat each other with a birch whisk to enhance blood circulation and increase pleasure.

Land full of nature’s gifts

Finland is more than just a place under the starlit skies; it's a perfect blend of versatile nature with delicious harvests, modern life, the latest technology and expertise, and long-standing heritage. The rhythm of life harmonizes with the changing seasons, nature is a part of life, and traditions flourish.

We are proud to present and offer one of Finnish nature's precious gifts: birch water is the life-changing elixir that enhances health and beauty. It has long traditions as a refreshing, energizing, and health-promoting product.

Become part of this captivating experience and choose a natural boost to your wellbeing!

People from the north have used birch water to enhance health, wellness, and beauty for a long time. Still every year, for only three weeks in spring, the birch trees ground themselves into the bowels of the ancient water source and absorb water, enriching it with their miracle ingredient. These little drops are fresh, nourishing, and almost straight from the fountain of youth.